Castelian Draves

The Storm Lord. Ruler of Harfax. Stewart of Tempest


Castelian Draves is the current Storm Lord of Harfax. He is human in his mid 60s, still a giant of a man at his age. Often dressed in his battle breastplate, Castelian always is armed with the artifact sword Tempest, the Seal of The Storm Lord.


Castelian was the fifth son of Merrick Draves, the fifth Storm Lord of Harfax. As Harfax custom, after his father’s death from illness in 77 AW Castelian and his brothers began to wage war on one another for the title of Storm Lord. Castelian slew his six brothers in mortal combat and assumed the throne of Harfax in 79 AW.

Since that time, Castelian has been leading the kingdom of Harfax to it’s greatest period of growth. His victories on the battlefield are numerous and the greatest are told as epic stories throughout the kingdom (mostly the stories of his slaying the Goblin King in 81 AW and killing the Giant Remorhaz that terrorized the western kingdom in 95 AW). He is beloved by his people and is known to be fair as well as stern.

Castelian’s wife Isabelle passed away in 118 AW. He has seven sons: Volker, Azer, Benedict, Raul, Hendrix, Protomer, Greggory.

Castelian Draves

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