Roger Belek

King Robert Creed's Magistrate


A middle aged human, Roger is a weary man. Often dressed as a member of the King’s Royal Highwaymen, Roger carries a saber and rides a warhorse.


Roger was assigned to bring news of the start of the war to the town of Castelon. When he arrived there, he discovered the peril the town was in from bandits and commissioned the party to eliminate them. With the aid of the party, he uncovered a plot by the mayor’s son to take control of the town. The party was able to stop Daris and save the mayor’s daughter Evalen.

Roger stayed with the town as a military adviser and raised a militia to respond to the growing Coalition threat. During the Battle of Hillcrest, Roger led the militia and, with the help of the party and other heroes, brought victory to Hillcrest.

Roger has been granted his request to stay behind in Hillcrest and aid Mayor Evalen Medear in their fight.

Roger Belek

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