Spawn of Ventrox.


Ventralix is an adult black dragon of large size. He lives in the swamp wastes to the west of Castelon below the Vaurghen Mountains.


Ventralix is the spawn of Ventrox. His exact birth date is unknown, but he is over two hundred years old. He briefly served under his sire and fled the Varghen Mountains after Ventrox’s death. Since that time he has been a scourge of the Coalition States. Occasionally he has attacked Castelonian settlements, but after being attacked by his brother Kaltaval, he has ceased.

Ventralix was captured by Major Corenlus Drake and held at Outpost 17 before being rescued by the party. During the Battle of Hillcrest, he aided Castelonian forces in their victory and claimed the living Major Drake as his prize.


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