Jerico Holtz

Lord Commander of Forces. General of the Eastern Armies. Supreme Council Member


Holtz is a 45 year old. He is a giant of a man, towering over most of his men and is built like the barbarians of the Age of Antiquity. He has long blond hair and a ruddy complection. He is an incredibly talented warrior and leader, with little political skill. He is a sentimental man, wearing the armor he wore his first day of combat. He wields an ornate sword given to him by the Emperor himself. Holtz is a man of honor and is well known for his knight-like code.


Holtz entered into military service when he was 16. He was an infantryman and saw brutal combat the first week after his basic training. Holtz is a survivor and has been grievously injuried dozens of times. However, he always carries the day.

He is well known for his stunning bravery during the the Battle of Fort Denro. Holtz had been abandoned by the platoon he was leading in the face of certain death by a force of Atchelon Cultists. Holtz lured a force of fifty men into the Fort and set off a trap made up of the Fort’s black powder supply. The explosion destroyed the Fort and eliminated most of the cultists. Holtz then engaged the survivors in combat, slaying all of them himself before collapsing. He was rescued by the platoon that had abandoned him. Holtz was given the Imperial Medal of Valor and instead of a reward he requested that his platoon be spared court martial (and likely execution). His former platoon is now is personal bodyguard known as Holtz’s Heroes.

After the Battle of Fort Denro, Holtz was promoted to General and since has been elected to the Supreme Council. Beloved by the people of the Coalition, Holtz is said to have never lost a battle since Fort Denro. Even his enemies give him pause.

Jerico Holtz

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