Abacus Drogue

Lord Commander of Coalition Forces. General of the Western Armies. Council Member of the Coalition States


Drogue is an imposing human of moderate height that is in his mid 40s. Drogue a brooding man with dark hair and distant green eyes. He displays behaviors that are unnerving to many: bizarre smiles, piercing stares and vile laughter. Drogue is often dressed in his ornate full plate armor bearing regalia of a man of his rank.


Drogue began his life as a street rat and criminal whose parents had been killed while journeying from the kingdom of Chible when he was 6. He was arrested at age 14 and chose military service instead of exile for his crimes.

Drogue’s service in the military was unremarkable until he reached the rank of Lieutenant. At which point, Drogue’s successes as a commander sky rocketed. Drogue has a reputation for being ruthless to his foes and openly hostile to officers who disagree with him. Even still, he was placed on the fast track for advancement and became a general when he was 36. Drogue displayed political talents off the battle field and managed to become elected to the Supreme Council.

Drogue is the Commander of the Western Armies working in conjunction with General Jerico Holtz, whom he openly dislikes. Drogue is also well known for his hate of any non-human creature.

Abacus Drogue

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