King Robert Creed

King of Castelon. Renowned wizard, philosopher, politician and warrior.


Creed is the current king of Castelon. He is a 39 year old human of average height and medium build. He is a charismatic man with a powerful and noble presence. Creed is an accomplished battle mage and has a history of fighting foes of Castelon before being appointed king. He is known for being fair and just.

Early Life

Much of Creed’s early life is unknown as he rarely speaks of it. It is widely known that he was the apprentice of King Gargudan and leaved to be a powerful mage. He has been a lifelong citizen of Castelon, leaving once in his early twenties on a world wide quest for knowledge. He returned at the age of 28 a powerful battle wizard and has been an active part of the kingdom. He has been a major part of the kingdom since his return in 106 AW. He was appointed to the Council of Eight as a military adviser in 110 AW.

Council of Eight

During his time on the council, Creed was masterful at navigating the politics of royalty and is credited as being one of King Gargudan’s most trusted aids. Creed oversaw the fortifying of Castelon and personally lead several campaigns against the Coalition and other monsterous forces. It is well known that Creed was crushed by the sudden death of the King and accepted the position with a heavy heart.


Robert Creed accepted the position of King in 117 AW three months after the death of King Gargudan. Immediately, Creed began strengthening the armies of Castelon and ordered the kingdom’s mages to aid in developing new war technology. Throughout the eight years that Creed has been King the nation of Castelon has grown greatly. Even with the specter of war hovering, the kingdom has prospered. Always a beloved and charismatic king, Creed has become withdrawn since the start of the war. Some are concerned that Creed has become too warlike, but even his opposition agree that he is a strong king and the best the kingdom could have in this dark time.

King Robert Creed

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