Jovan Prosek

Emperor of the Coalition States of Mankind


Jovan Prosek is the current ruler of the Coalition States. He is human in his early 40s and is renowned for being an incredible leader by his supporters and a madman by his foes. He is a tall and imposing man with short dark hair graying at the temples. He is incredibly charismatic and thought to be a genius. He is often dressed in formal military regalia and accompanied by a division of bodyguards.

Early Life

Jovan was born in 84 AW to a large family. His father, Karlvan Prosek saw that Jovan went to the best schools in the kingdom. He was a brilliant student and excelled in everything he did. He was closely tutored by his father and it is a well known secret that he was the favored of Karlvan’s sons. Even still, Jovan was close with his older brothers and his little sister. Considered royalty by the people of the Coalition, the Proseks were immensely popular.

Sole Survivor and Chancellor

The Prosek family perished in a terrible attack that claimed everyone except Jovan. Jovan was apprenticing in Ironridge and did not accompany the family during the assault. He was placed in protective custody with his uncle Ivan Cabot took over as acting Chancellor. Jovan returned from hiding on his eighteenth birthday and was voted in as Supreme Chancellor by the public of the Coalition. Many doubted the young Chancellor, but within a year Jovan had shown his ability to accomplish things no one else could. He quickly became politically powerful and his popularity grew such that by his fifth year as Chancellor no one questioned him in the Senate.

Emperor and War

Jovan expanded the military threefold during the early years of his rule. He ordered vast troop movements and routinely had the countryside purged of any creature that wasn’t human. Jovan publicly displayed the dragons, trolls, and other monsters that the army had slain, winning endless support from his people. He organized a police force to hunt out and destroy terrible sorcerers living with the kingdom. In 118 AW, Jovan declared that the Coalition was free of monsters. He was voted in as “Chancellor for Life” by the public and accepted the title of “Emperor of the Coalition” that same year.

It’s hard to say when the Coalition began planning the war with Castelon. Some suggested that the Lady Prosek Incident sparked the movement, but others suspect that the Emperor has been planning for war since his father’s death.

Jovan Prosek

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