Corrin Scard

Warlord of Castelon. Lord Commander of Castelonian Forces.


Scard is a 30 year old human fighter. He is a tall man, powerfully built with short dark hair. Often seen in his battle armor with little regalia of his position. He has little care for politics and lives for war. He is renowned as the world’s best swordsmen. Scard is a patriot and has risked his life to protect the kingdom of Castelon countless times.

Early Life

Scard began his life with a nomatic tribe living in the Varghen Mountains]]. Scard lived a harsh life among these people, whose numbers included hobgoblins and orcs. The band came under the attention of the Coalition States and were constantly hunted by the army. They were caught and slain by the Coalition in 108 AW. The thirteen year old Scard was the sole survivor and fled into the mountains.

Castelon and the Council of Eight

Scard speaks little of the time before he arrived in Castelon in 113 AW. There are rumors that he joined a mercenary band and frequently attacked Coalition patrols throughout the Varghen Mountains. There are even stories that he journeyed to the hidden kingdom of Dwermore to aid in their war with the Coaltion. What is known, is that Corrin Scard joined the military of Castelon within a day of his arrival in 113 AW. The unit he was attached to is unknown, but it is believed Scard was a member of a recon force and operated deep within Coalition lands. Scard is heralded as a patriot and constantly risks his life for the kingdom. He is famous for saving King Robert Creed during the battle of Aleson in 117 AW. Months later, Creed nominated Scard to the Council seat he had left vacant by becoming king. Scard was appointed to the position by a vote of 6 to 1.


Since his appointment to the Council, Scard has become a force in Castelon. He has been preparing for a war with the Coalition States since the day he accepted the seat on the Council. He has embraced the King’s order to strengthen the military. Under Scard’s guidance, the forces of Castelon have reached a level matching the Coalition in might. With increased tensions with the Coalition, Scard has been declared the Supreme Warlord of Castelon. Few citizens even knew he existed until the start of the war. He speaks little in public, but when he does it’s to the cheer of the kingdom. Most feel that the war can’t be lost in Scard’s hands. At this point, he answers to only the King, a fact that the other Council members have found troubling.

Corrin Scard

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