Unlikely Allies in Sator

The party decided to journey to the kingdom of Belstin. The came to the massive city and were granted an audience with King Bartholomew in the former palace of Zaad. The King heard their plea for aid and offered them a solution that if they aided Sator against the Marauders in a significant way, Sator could send aid to Casetlon en masse.

The party journeyed to Sator and met with Governor Orland Daywin. They saw the city in a constant state of dread and offered their support. A man weary from the hardships of his kingdom, Daywin showed little excitement at the party’s arrival. He suggested that they speak to Colonel Ratcliff to see if there was anything they could be put to use for. Meeting with the party, Colonel Ratcliff described a plan of his that they may be able to aid in. The Marauder clans had been attacking frequently, mainly the Goresplatter clan. Ratcliff explained the need for the clans to brutally prove their worth, otherwise Kurz and the other Marauder clan leaders would be quick to attack the weak. The Colonel had sent a strike team to assassinate Goresplatter’s leader Jethel. Jethel had been succeeded by Margu, who had then been eliminated by a mysterious foreign wizard. Colonel Ratcliff explained that the current leader Dadoc was in a terrible position and if he was precieved as weak, he and his clan would be destroyed. The Colonel tasked the party with eliminating Dadoc, which would surely bring an end to the Goresplatter clan. With the most aggressive clan gone, Sator could afford to send some troops to Castelon.

The party learned that Goresplatter clan was moving to the annual meeting of the Marauder clans and raced to intercept them. They did and they met with the now second-in-command of the clan, a stone giant named Raz. He appeared eager to aid the party in bringing them to a confrontation with Dadoc, apparently to further his own ambitions as clan leader. Tricked into confronting the party in front of the entire clan, Dadoc had no choice but to honor their challenge and met them in combat. The fighting was brutal, but the party overcame the giant and Raz became clan leader. After much discussion, Raz agreed that he would aid the party in anyway. The party decided, much to Raz’s displeasure, that their next objective was to kill Kruz and end the Marauder’s organized aggression.
The party arrived with the Goresplatter Clan at the grand summit of the Marauder Tribes. The news of their battles with Dadoc had beat them to the gathering, and they were summoned by the terrible Kurz himself! Kurz met them and revealed himself to be a cunning and calculating warrior, dispelling the brutish facade. He explained his overall plans to take Belstin, a kingdom he saw as his rightful inheritance from his mother Lushael. A fight with the party, whom he called “Creed’s Knives”, may weaken him enough to leave him vulnerable to a coup. He bargained with the party, and in exchange for their agreeing to fight his champion instead of he, Kurz would legitimize Goresplatter. The party readily agreed and at the height of the summit, they fought a creature that Kurz summoned from his own blood! This shadow-self of Kurz was feral and full of rage, but the party was able to overcome the creature. It appeared that Kurz and his creation shared some life force, as Kurz took some damage from the fight too. Kurz held true to his word and Goresplatter was saved. They were given the territory closest to Sator as their own and they could keep their land until the next summit when they would have to prove their worth once more.

The party returned to Sator and, together with Colonel Ratcliff and Governor Daywin, they forged an alliance between Goresplatter and Sator, ending immediate aggression between the Marauders and Sator. Victorious, they returned to the grand city of Belstin and appeared before an unamused King Bartholomew. They plead their case for further aid, citing Kurz’s threat that once the Dragon Kings of Freehold were gone, nothing would stop him from attacking Belstin. The embarrassed king had no choice but to appease the fearful Senate and send aid to Castelon. The party then left Belstin quickly and began the journey to Ilamar.



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