Uncertain Victory

The party quickly regrouped after their fight with Brigadier General Pyman as the remainder of the Eastern Coalition Force collapsed into rout. Meeting with Garellia Draves, the party discovered the Drogue had escaped the battle and was fleeing towards a rendezvous point to the east. The Harfaxian forces needed to press the attack on the fleeing Coalition troops so the party was tasked with finding Drogue and eliminating him before he could resume command of the fleeing army. The party tracked the evil general to the rendezvous, arriving ahead of him and set up an ambush. Drogue arrived with his personal bodyguard and a stone golem. Before the trap could be fully sprung, Drogue sensed the hidden party members and brutally attacked Amellania, almost killing her in the process. While his troops quickly engaged the party and Jamir attacked the golem, Aiden challenged Drogue to personal combat with a vicious charge. The fighting was brutal and uncertain, until Aiden struck Drogue with his devouring sickle and pierced Drogue’s heart with his righteous longsword. Drouge’s body crumbled to the mud and the remainder of the body guard fell to the party. With that, the party returned to Castelon.

On their return, the party were greeted as heroes by King Robert Creed. Creed explained that the first parts of the Sorcerer’s Revenge had been successful: the party’s actions lead to the defeat of the Eastern Coalition force and the Western Coalition force was broken by the dragons of Freehold forcing them into the Formorian hivelands. No sign of Holtz’s army was seen afterwards, both armies had been destroyed. Creed explained that for now the war was halted and Castelon was safe for now. Creed had a new mission for the party: to journey to Quinslin and forge an alliance with the kingdom. The result would be the ability to crush the Northern Coalition Force and end the Coalition’s ability to wage war for years. The party seemed uncertain as to the next move and requested sometime alone to discuss the matter. They asked Creed to leave the skull Zorlon behind, to which Creed obliged.

The party immediately began debating the ethics of continuing the war, if Creed had been corrupted by Zorlon or the bloodshed of the war and, finally, what to do with the mysterious “gem” that they would seek soon. Glod proposed continuing with their mission to Quinslin in order to prevent the Coalition’s war of genocide from continuing, however Egg Shen disagreed strongly, citing that that action would only raise the death toll further. They could not agree on what to do with Quinslin, Jamir and Egg being adamantly against it. The party continued to debate on how much Creed had been influenced by the skull, with Egg unwavering in his belief that the skull had poisoned Creed’s mind and turned him towards war. Egg proposed that the skull needed to be taken from Creed and then argued that the gem they were to recover should go to the Emperor, as he had the power to end all future Coalition campaigns. Amellania and Glod believed that Creed should be given the gem as that would cure him of any madness, from the skull or the war itself, instantly. Jamir and Adien began asking the skull questions that may give them insight into the issues, however the skull, aloof and treacherous, mocked them and gave fickle answers. Egg suddenly decided that there could be no more discussion, seized Jamir who held the skull and teleported to Hillcrest. The remainder of the party was stunned by the sudden betrayal and were immediately arrested.

The group in Castelon was led to the dungeon and Egg & Jamir discussed their next step.



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