Torrel the Tratior and the skull Zorlon

Returning to Castelon, the party was hailed as heroes and given a private audience with King Creed! After being rewarded, the King gave the group a new quest: to recover the artifact of knowledge Zorlon from the traitorous former Council of Eight member Torrel!

The party journeyed to the north west and encountered strange weather and time distortions on their journey. They came upon the town of Volsberg and learned about Torrel’s keep being a few days ride away. They sought the aid of a known adventurer named Jamiye. Jamiye told the party of his previous battle with Torrel and his degradation due to using temporal magic. Jamiye led the party to Torrel’s keep. Inside, they encountered strange magical transportation, foul beasts and evidence of Torrel’s link to Atchelon. After over coming these terrible beasts and deadly traps, the party was able to open the portal to Torrel’s upper keep. There, they found the evil wizard in the grips of lunacy demanding the skull Zorlon to tell him “Where it is?”. The party confronted the wizard and, while Zorlon cackled at Torrel, battled the wizard to the death. Torrel almost killed Egg and gloated about his murder of King Guargadan before being felled by Ferrylad. The party escaped the collapsing keep with Zorlon, returning it to Castelon.

On the journey back, the party asked Zorlon many questions, to which it only gave vague riddles for answers. The skull said: “Three great kings, one blinded by hate, one blinded by fear, and one blinded by ignorance. All need sight” and “The hand of evil saved the world once. will it again?”. Troubled by these riddles, the party asked the skull no more and returned to Castelon. They were rewarded by King Creed and given a new quest. They were to journey to the distant lands of Erenor to plead support for Castelon in its war against the Coalition!



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