The sword Tempest and the Seven Sons of Castelian Draves

The party journeyed across the sea towards the powerful kingdom of Harfax. Along the way, on Belstin’s feast day, the party was attacked by a terrible sea monster. With a little aid from Lir, the party was able to defeat the kraken and appease the gods. They arrived safely at the massive city of Harfax. After a day’s journey through the cyclopean citadel, the party reached Stormspire and requested to speak to Castelian Draves, the Storm Lord of Harfax. They met with the dying king, but he regretfully refused their request for aid because tradition would bind his son to whatever decision he made. Castlelian implored the party to return within a few days after his death and seek aid from his sons. Castelian died two days later and after the days of mourning the party was summoned by the sons of the Storm Lord. The heroes meet the Seven Sons of Castelian Draves who enlisted their aid in recovering the sword Tempest. Without the sword there could be no Storm Lord. The sons agreed that if the party returned the sword, whichever of them became the Storm Lord would aid Castelon in the war. The party agreed and were given information suggesting that the mind flayers, thought defeated, were likely responsible. They prepared to head to the monster’s lair, being warned that diplomats from the Coalition were also pledged to the same task!

The party prepared to the mind flayers’ old lair when they were approached by Azer Draves who informed them of dreams that he and his brothers had. Together they uncovered the truth of these dreams, the sword Tempest was reaching out to them giving them clues on how to find it. The mind flayers had been defeated, but one ithallid named Sakrt had been banished several years later after stealing several mind flayer tadpoles. The party believed that the creature had stolen the sword solely to sow anarchy allowing it cover to continue with its terrible plans. The believed the Sakrt had taken refuge in an abandoned temple of Lir. The party journeyed to the temple and found it overrun by foul creatures from another world. Sakrt had been using the temple for its unspeakable experiments and the lair was filled with monsters that few had ever encountered. The party fought their way through the temple, careful not to disturb any of the god’s belongings and confronted the ithillid. The Sword Tempest aided them in their final battle with the monster and they were able to end it’s terrible plans. The party then recovered the sword and returned to the surface.

The party returned to the castle Stormspire and there handed over the sword to Volker Draves who explained that he was alone in the castle, as his other brothers had fled to their established strongholds. The sword Tempest was to be handed over to the Stewarts of Harfax while the brothers battled. The party returned to their lodgings and discussed how to go about their next move. They decided that they would support the noble and honorable brothers and would not betray one another over their decision. They would act as a group. Together they met with each brother and offered their aid. Volker would need their aid in finding Raulo Draves and Greggory Draves, pledging to send some of his army to Castelon immediately. The party discovered that Benedict Draves was believed dead from an assassin the night before. His face had been removed and he was found in his secured room. Azer Draves told the Egg that he would not be in Harfax for very long, but showed him where Raul was and hinted at where Gregory was hiding. Hendrix Draves reported that he would have a task for the party in a few days time. Raulo Draveswas drinking heavily in the tavern “The King’s Rose” and requested that Volker be told of his location. Protomer Draves wished to learn the location of Gregory and Raul as well. Gregory could not be found.

The party decided to report their findings to Volker, who also felt the Benedict was dead. Though warned of a possible trap, Volker marched to Raul and met him at the King’s Rose. Volker challenged Raul to combat and during the duel, Volker fell to a poison he was tricked into indulging in. Raul killed his brother, revealing his years of decadence had been a farce to lower his brother’s suspicions. The party was also attacked by a strike team sent by the Coalition diplomats, but were able to overcome them. The party sought out Hendrix, who requested their aid in bringing something far from Harfax, his brother Gregory. They party agreed to aid the knight in exchange for his army to be sent to Castelon. While leaving the city, Protomer attacked in order to kill Hendrix and Greggory. Hendrix stayed behind to fend off the attack while the party and Gregory escaped aboard their ship.



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