The Haunted Castle of Malvek

The party left Ilamar and journeyed across the sea to Dunridge. There, they sought out the ifreet Trade Lord Creel. Creel has a fearsome and brutal reputation, and the party went out of their way to win his favor. Creel allowed the party to travel with one of his caravans through the Mohaine Desert.

The party journeyed across the desert with the caravan arriving in the Western Kingdoms . They traveled to the kingdom of Luix and spent three days trying to gain an audience with the Dragon Dynasty Daimyo Karrakus. When they finally met with Karrakus, the daimyo explained that his wife had had recently been murdered and his young daughter Biyu had been kidnapped. The party pledged to recover Biyu in return for aid to Castelon.

While investigating the kidnapping, the party uncovered that Biyu had been taken by a single elven woman, who had appeared to be an extinct gray elf. They also learned that twenty five years previously there was an attack by cultists on Rexus when he was visiting Luix. Egg Shen believed that the upcoming feast day of Fouyr had something to do with the event, as the attack on Rexus took place near a feast day as well. Egg Shen went on to report that a 25 year cycle was likely an element of a powerful magic ritual. The party believed that whoever took Biyu needed royal blood for this horrible ritual. Wasting no time, Glod used powerful divination to uncover where Biyu was held. He revealed that the young girl was held in the haunted castle of Malvek. Quick research revealed that Malvek was a former Trade Lord of Dunridge that had established asylum in Luix after his exile in 76 AW. He built a fabulous castle on an island on the grand lake of Ashle. Malvek hosted grand parties and feasts at his eccentric home, until he suddenly vanished in 94 AW. Since that time the castle has been believed to have been haunted and was avoided by all. The party rushed from Luix to enter the castle before the feast day!

The party arrived at the lake and, with the help of villagers from a local fishing village, made their way to the island. They breeched the fortifications and entered the grim domain. The castle was in ruins and was clearly the scene of foul magic. In addition to the faded memoirs of an eccentric Trade Lord, they discovered evidence of a new master of the castle, including the foul skull of Lushael herself! The party continued through the terrible, haunted castle encountering foul undead and mad ghosts of the former occupants. They discovered that Malvek had been murdered and need to put his specter to rest. They were able to save Biyu after discovering the secret stairway in the tall tower of the castle.

The party then assaulted the final room of the castle, the private chambers of Trade Lord Malvek. There they found an undead gray elf wearing armor made of dragon bones carrying a powerful magic sword. Discussion with the creature revealed that it was Celieis the Valiant, corrupted by foul life stealing magic that enabled her to live past her death. The eldritch elf offered her support if the party gave her Biyu. Hesitating not, they attacked Celieis. The battle was difficult, but with powerful magic and divine strength they were able to overcome the former hero.

With Celieis defeated, the party returned to Luix and reunited Biyu with her father. Karrakus promised to send several fire ships to Castelon with soldiers to aid in the fighting. The party discovered that the sword Celieis had was the Sword of the Resistance, a famed weapon of legacy, and her armor had been crafted from Lushael’s bones. These powerful items, along with the skull of the Dragon Warlord may be able to buy them support in Volmir. The party decided to journey to Quan in an attempt to get ahead of General Lucas Reid who they learned was returning from Zu to Luix.



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