The Eye of the Storm

The party journeyed to Quan with the emissary of Luix and petitioned for aid from Daimyo Garlon. The party had prepared the terms of a cease-fire between Luix and Quan, one that would allow the nations to stand against Zu and aid Castelon. Garlon was aloof and unimpressed with the party, noting that Zu was focused on building their new alliance with the Coalition States diplomatically and offering them aid as opposed to waging a new war in te Western Kingdoms. Garlan was sure that Zu would turn against Quan and Luix in the future, but for the time being there was no reason to draw their attention. The party continued to plead their case and Garlan offered to agree to the cease-fire if the party would accomplish a task for him. The party readily agreed and Garlan wanted the heroes to recover a lost artifact.

Garlan explained to them that the Order of the Shattered Star, the arcane order of the Chimera Dynasty, had long studied an ancient artifact “The Eye of Zorlan”. This artifact was believed to be the remains of a series of artifact scrying orbs from the Age of Antiquity. One by one they had been destroyed, and the remaining one gaining all the powers of the rest. The Eye allowed even non-magic users to scry with incredible accuracy and it allowed spellcasters to target anyone viewed. A terribly potent item if its powers could be unlocked. Garlan explained that the Eye was being transported to the main palace when they were attacked by the Marthosa Ogres. The Ogres took the artifact with them into Zu territory; if Luix sent any formal recovery force it would be readily considered an act of war. Garlan explained that none other than Azer Draves had preceded the party and went to recover the Eye. Azer had yet to return and Garlan feared he was either killed or had betrayed Quan. The Daimyo charged the party to recover the Eye and return it for Quan’s aid.

The party set off into the land of Zu, following the Linqi Clan of Ogres responsible for the theft. They infiltrated a local farming community and were able to discover the location of the Clan from a local farmer. The party raced to the tribe’s hideout, a cave at the base of the local Mount Filicoro. Expecting a fight, the party prepared themselves, but discovered an Ogre scout who told them the tribe had been all but wiped out. Meeting with the Ogres, the party learned that a lone human wizard and a beholder had attacked them and, using terribly powerful magic, had killed half their number. The Ogres fled and the wizard went into the cave. Descriptions of the wizard confirmed that Azer had assaulted the tribe. The ogres went on to say that frightening sounds could be heard echoing from the cave continually. The Ogres and the party left in peace and the party turned to recover the Eye from the cave.

The heroes ventured into the cave and discovered that there were several monsters bound by arcane directions to attack intruders entering the cave. The party fought a group of Penanggalans, vampire-like undead monsters that are the floating heads and internal organs of fallen creatures, and moved onto a room filled with elemental fire demons. The final guardian of the cave was a terrible demon of fire and hate, an Akuma No Oni. This terrible being was one of The Fallen, and it’s horrible rage was barely contained within the summoning circle that brought it to Erenor. The party was able to best this terrible beast and reached the final chamber of the cave.

There they found Azer Draves working heavily in a magic circle trying to unlock the Eye. Floating above him was the dead and bloated Beholder that still severed as a farmilar to the mad wizard. Azer was a changed man; observation by Egg Shen revealed that he had modified body heavily through foul and forgotten magic. Indeed, he had replaced parts of his own flesh with the appendages of several fallen enemies including his brother Benedict, a beholder, an ithillid, and the former leader of the Goresplatter clan. Azer mused that he was close to unlocking the Eye’s power thanks to the memories of his former teacher Torrel. With the Eye he would be able to slay Raul Draves with a mere thought, making him the Storm Lord…after Gregory’s death. Azer implored the party to strike Gregory down and he would aid them as the Storm Lord according to the blood pact the Sons of Castelian Draves had made to the party. The party refused and together with Gregory they attacked Azer and his undead aberration. The fight was terrible, but the party was able to best the wizard prince with Gregory landing the final killing blow. The party now had the Eye and left the cave.

Outside they were greeted by General Lucas Reid and his strike force. Reid explained that he wanted the Eye for the Coalition’s war effort and would yield his mission in the East, and allow the party to escape, if they handed it to him. Amellania mocked him and the party refused to deal, offering instead that if Reid withdrew they wouldn’t kill him. Reid revealed that Jamirwas a war criminal from Quinslin, wanted for the cold blooded murder of his men. The party was unmoved, and Reid sadly acknowledged that they must fight. A brutal battle was waged, with the party fighting the elite team Reid prepared. Reid rushed Jamir and viciously dueled with him while the remaining heroes attacked his companions and their golem. In the end, the party defeated all of the Coalition soldiers. With Reid’s dying breath, he lamented the war and remarked that if things had been different they could have been friends.

The party journeyed back to Quan and delivered the Eye to Daimyo Garlan. Quan agreed to honor the cease fire and with that the party continued to Volmir.



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