Reflections of Madness Part 3

(fragments of the journal of Celieis recovered byAmellania Telothien)

Elembious 4, The Time of Claims, Second year after the Dragon Wars

I found it! In a rotting grimore I recovered from the ancient library of Numas, I uncovered the missing fragment of a ritual needed to maintain the essence of the Dragon Warlords. I pieced it together and know what I must do. The blood I consumed months ago still gives me power, but it’s waining. This ritual will bind it to my own blood, elevating me to the majesty of Ventrox! It can only work during the festival of Lughan and only because of the deeper cycles of the stars that bind our world and protect us from Atchelon. I am fortunate that I discovered this in time. It would be impossible to gather the necessary components in such a short time, but I am the Lord of Volmir. Dozens of scribes and adventures have been sent across the plane to recover these items for me. My servants do not know the nature of their bizarre and rushed task, but they will soon learn they were part of the greatest event the race of the Elves have ever known: the raising of me to godhood! I must be careful in procuring the final component. The weak hearted among my kind would never justify the sacrifice.

Elembious 16, The Time of Claims, Second year after the Dragon Wars

It is done. The ritual worked, but there was an unexpected twist. I have been trying to figure out what went wrong, to see if it can be reversed.

I had everything exactly placed according to the placement of the stars at the birth of the plane. I had the circle drawn in quicksilver and my blood. The burnt offerings, the golden idols to the gods of the seasons, everything was as it should have been. And the sacrifice was exquisite.

I had told Castien to meet me in my bedchamber to discuss our reunion for I had realized how far I had strayed from my path. I knew he would arrive, how pathetic he was. He came into the room, giving pause at the bizarre scene set before him. I smiled at him and he returned the gesture with tears forming in his eyes. As he rushed to me, collapsed to his knees and began professing how happy he was that I had asked for him. He began saying other things, but I heard them not. This pathetic worm was beneath me, unworthy of even my notice. I reached down, caressing his face with my hands as lovers may. It allowed me better grip around his eyes, and in a sudden motion I thrust my thumbs through his eyes. Castien screamed in pain and tried to back away, but I held on his the might of Ventrox’s blood. I let my rage go and Castien’s skull cracked like the an egg. As his pitiful brains spilled out, the blood dripped onto the circle and the ritual was complete.

Ventrox’s blood flared in my body almost immediately, fusing with my own and I once again felt it’s awesome power. I laughed, feeling the power of the Dragon Warlords once again. But there was something else. I felt the chill of death pulsating through my body and, while I still drew breath, I saw that I was exhaling frost even in the warm night air. I looked around the room, and when my gaze met the grand mirror in my room it shattered. Puzzled, I took looked down at my hands and saw they had become shriveled and corpse-like. I reached up to my face and felt the skin was that of a mummified body. What had happened to me? This was not the intended result, though there was a beautiful majesty in death.

And then occurred to me. Ventrox’s blood, though magnificent, was cold and dead. Perhaps that changed the ritual in some way. I expected fear to build at this revelation, but I met the epiphany with cool composure. I felt the power, maybe the source had changed but the power remained. Perhaps this would yield unexpected results. I need to monitor the progress.



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