Reflections of Madness 4

(fragments of the journal of Celieis recovered byAmellania Telothien)

Elembious 24, The Time of Claims, Second year after the Dragon Wars

My transformation is complete and I now have some idea as to my powers. I do not know if this was the intended outcome of the ritual, but I care not. Truly the majesty of the Dragon Warlords has been embraced by the power of Death. Raw, dark power courses through my veins. I have the strength of ten, maybe twenty men. My skin has withered to that of a mummified corpse, but my flesh is hard as steel, only the most terrible weapons of light and silver can shred my skin, and even then those wounds quickly heal. I am faster than a will-o-the-wisp and my senses are magnified to that of a dragon. I can see craters on the distant moon, hear insects half a league away and smell the beautiful aroma of corpses deep in their graves. Initially I feared I had become a vampire, but I appear to have none of their weaknesses. I feel I am a completely new creature. I am a queen of the darkness, wrapping myself in a cloak of the night and radiating fell power.

Vampires are consumed by a hunger for blood, but I do not share this. Their terrible thirst is my greatest strength. I found this one night while I tested my new powers. There was a young girl who was lost in the woods near my keep. I heard her a mile away and leaped through night to find her. And find her I did. She was beautiful and innocent, frightened by the monsters of her dreams. And truly one found her. When she gazed onto me, she was stunned to silence, a victim of my awesome power. I reflected that the vampire would be a slave its hunger, but I felt no compulsion to do what I did. But I reveled in my ability to pull her soul from her body, tasting the exquisite joy of a life that would never be. As the girl shriveled to nothing, I was awash in the beauty of youth and the power of life taken by a god like myself. I cried out in complete joy, my voice becoming a haunting echo the culled all but the wolves into silence. Their cry met mine as they knew their master.

I know not where I went that night, but I knew that with this power nothing could stop me. Soon I would be Overlord of Erenor, overshadowing even Malthax with my might. But even in my state, with my power, I would need allies. I would need an army. As the First Lord of Volmir, I could take what I wished. I will take what is mine.



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