Prolouge and Arrival at Hillcrest

For several months, war has been brewing on the continent of Eur. For the past thirty years, the kingdom of Castelon and the Coalition States have been waging a brutal cold war. After a brief border battle, the Coalition has unveiled its warmachine! They have declared war against Castelon and march against the Kingdom of Wonder!

Our heroes,Amellania Telothien, Egg Shen, Jamir, Glod, Krosand others are drawn to the southern city of Hillcrest in the kingdom of Castelon. Each has their own reasons for seeking to aid the kingdom, but they meet together and form a party.

As the town prepares for a possible Coalition attack, the party pledges to the mayor of Hillcrest that they will stop the scourge of bandits that have been plaguing the region. Together, they wipe out over twenty bandits hiding on the roads between Hillcrest and Castelon. While journeying, the party uncovers evidence that the Coalition has been attacking isolated groups on the roads.

  • * * * * *

Several days later, the party discovers that the town of Hillcrest has been under attack by a vampire! With the aid of an old ranger named Nash, the party stops an evil priest of Gwaf and stops his undead minions…only to discover that the vampire is the risen soul of one of the bandit’s victims. The party restrains the vampire’s former cousin and puts the tortured soul to rest.

The next day, during the grand (and carnal) festival of Zamzer, the remaining forces of the bandit king attack Hillcrest. During the brutal attack, the mayor killed, his daughter kidnapped and numerous townsfolk slain. The party pledges to the king’s magistrate and the mayor’s son Darius that they will stomp out the bandits and rescue the mayor’s daughter. The party tracks the bandits to their hideout at an abandoned keep. They defeat the bandits, a minotaur and numerous traps. The party discovers that the bandit king Kardash is in league with the mayor’s son. The party barely defeats the brutal rogue and the traitorous mayor’s son. During the final battle, the party feels the aid of the god Zamzer. They return to Hillcrest as heroes with the new mayor of Hillcrest.



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