Personal Journal - Kros

Over the past several weeks, we have done many things, some brave, some foolish, but all have so far panned out to our well-being. The simple fact that I am writing in this journal is a testament to our success, as we are, none of us, dead, though we have come very close at times.

The events in Harfax were…disturbing. I cannot see why the kingdom’s custom encourages such infighting. All sons of Castillion Draves would have been a great asset in this time of war, and Castelon needs all the help she can get. I take back my last statement “All sons.” There is one in particular, Portimer, who i would see hanged for his crimes against humanity. I would gladly tie the noose myself. He seems to revel in the plight and utter…suffering… of others, including his own flesh and blood. That day at the docks, after Hendrix asked us to smuggle out the young Gregory… Hendix was a good man, and would have been more than valuable in this endevour… I wanted so badly to stop Portimer… I should have stayed… I’m not sure if i could have done anything, but…the hatred i have been feeling isn’t…

My only solace is the thought that one day we may help Gregory become the leader that his brother had sacrificed himself for. For the good of the kingdom. We’ll see what Gregory is made of soon enough…



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