His Scroll 2

He hasn’t written in his scroll for some time, where to begin, where to begin….

Many things have happened to them in the past several months. First the traveled to Solaris to seek aid from the Hierarch of the Knights of Solaris, The Coalition was of course there to prevent them and it would seem fate herself weighed heavily against them also. A foul witch of some dead vile god slew the Hierarch right before they were able to gain his favor. He almost saved the Hierarch himself, had there not been a double agent at work. In the end they slew the witch and and discovered she was helped by her mother, the high priestess of Selene, whom was the Hierarchs second! Such levels of intrigue make his poor head spin…, be he digresses. After the uncovered this and brought the Hierarch back too life they gained his favor. The Hierarch inducted young Gregory into the Knights of Solaris and told his knights that they might aid Castelon if they say fit. Truly they are not only aiding Castelon but the rest of the world! The little gods will smile upon him for his cleverness and fortitude throughout this quest. He will write again later to speak of the trip to Belstin. But for now they must depart to deal with an old rival.



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