Field Journal 2 - Amellania

My companions and I have traveled across the sea, seeking aid for Castelon and have been less successful than we had hoped. When we arrived in Harfax we found that the Storm Lord, Castilion Draves, was dying and he left it to his successor to pledge us aid. Unfortunately, the custom in Harfax is for the sons of the Storm Lord to assassinate one another, with the victor taking the throne and possession of Tempest, the powerful sword of the Storm Lord. The seven sons of Castilion Draves approached us after their father’s death to seek our aid in recovering Tempest, which had been stolen. We quested after the powerful artifact and recovered it, which set the succession customs into motion. The brothers began murdering one another, which was such a senseless waste of life and talent that it was difficult to understand the logic of it. Volker, the eldest son, was murdered by his brother Raul, who had played us all for fools and maintained the illusion of being a drunken wretch until the time came to show his hand. Benedict was supposedly murdered in his bed, but since his face was unrecognizable I have my doubts. Azer, the wizard, has been holed up in his fortified tower, but there is suspicion that he may have fled and left a magical illusion in his place. The greatest mystery had been the location of Hendrix and Gregory. We discovered that Hendrix had been hiding Gregory, the youngest son, in the church of Solaris. He asked us to smuggle Gregory out of Harfax and help him to become a warrior and leader so that he could return to lead the nation. Before we could get to the ship, Portimer (who seems to be the most vile of the brothers) and his army caught up with us and a massive melee ensued. Hendrix bought us enough time to escape with Gregory and I hope he survived the battle, as he was a noble and kind man.

Our only successes in securing aid for Castelon were in convincing Volker Draves (before his demise) to send 50 of his highly trained soldiers and Hendrix to send his personal guard, consisting of 30 Knights of Solaris. It is better than no assistance, but it is not what we had hoped.

We sail to Solaris next, and there is talk of training Gregory in the ways of a Paladin of Solaris. He has lived a mere eighteen years and will need much training if he is to return to Harfax as a just leader. I know of the portents surrounding the seventh son of a seventh son and Gregory is such, so perhaps he will return and lead his nation to greatness someday. Hopefully we will have more luck convincing the people of Solaris to aid Castelon in her hour of need.



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