Festival of Samhain

The heroes teleported to Volmir and, with Amellania Telothien as a guide, entered the city of glass. Seeking the First Lord of Volmir, the party learned that Lord Tilas was on a diplomatic mission to Harfax to met with the Stewards of Tempest. Instead, the party met with Varlyn, a member of the Third Council. They presented her with the Sword of the Resistance and the bones of Lushael. Varlyn pledged to offer any aid she could, but acknowledged that with the First Lord gone, it would be limited to small arms and food stuffs. She invited the party to the Grand Festival of the Seasons that was to held the next day on the feast day of Samhain. The party agreed and spent the night as guest of the Third Council.

The members of the party were troubled by dreams and restless sleep. The next day before the festival, the heroes each sacrificed something in a small private ceremony before making their way to the feast prepared by Varlyn. While dining, the party shared stories of their travels and old fables of the gods. Varlyn began discussing a local cleric to Samhain named Dalethe that had become fanatic and formed a cult. Moving from this grim topic, the party began to watch the central parade of the festival. This stunning visual display showcased eight troops of acrobats and performers, each displaying a season of the year led by its respective god. Following after the first seven were troops deticated to Lir, Selene and Solaris. The final troop was the most grand and deticated to Samhain.

After the parade, the party decided to investigate the stories of Dalethe. They discovered that eight children had been taken that day by cultists and that Dalethe still met with his cult at a stone circle on a lonely hilltop outside of the kingdom. Realizing that some foul sacrifice was to be underway, the party raced through the forest to the stone circle. There they found Dalethe with two huge wicker men, one filed with his own followers and one filled with the missing children! He addressed the party, explaining that he had nightmares about Aiden. He believed that they had been sent to test his faith. With a sneer he lit the wicker man with his followers, who cried in ecstasy as they died, bringing the destructive construct to life. The party attacked, with Amellania rescuing the children, and Aiden cut down Dalethe. The rest of the party were engaged with the wicker man, who was able to imprison Glod in its fiery chest. In the end, they were able to destroy the construct just in time.

The party returned the elven children to Volmir and were celebrated once again. Aiden revealed his true nature, as a paladin of Samhain sent to bring the god’s dread vengeance on the unfaithful. The party was uneasy about this, but conceded that Aiden continued to support them so he still deserved their trust. They began plotting their next move, seeing that their mission was complete, they weighed the options of confronting Raulo Draves in Harfax or returning to Castelon. Deciding that they would rather lure Raulo out of his fortress and eager to return to Castelon, they made way to Eur.



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