Coalition Report 5

Lord Emperor Jovan Prosek:

My Lord,

I have uncovered information that is of great importance to the Empire. Gregory Draves, the seventh son of Castlian Draves the Sixth Storm Lord of Harfax, has been located! He is traveling with the diplomats from Castelon, having joined them after ambushing Protomer and Hendrix. Hendrix and Protomer were both slain during the assault and Gregory escaped with the party. This would be an incredible oppourtunity to seize a valuable bargaining chip with Raul Draves. Additionally, this would allow us to eliminate the diplomats from Castelon, something which was impossible in Harfax.

I have tracked the Castleonians to Belstin and uncovered that they are journeying to Ilamar. I have abandoned designs elsewhere on Frica so I may beat them to the city. As Gregory was publically charged as a traitor by Protomer, we should be able to secure a sizeable force from the Ilamarian army to assist us in capturing Gregory. Hopefully the party will resist and will be killed in the fight. Their deaths will only aid the Empire, for they will be unable to turn any more kingdoms against our glorious quest. However, Gregory must remain alive until we can get him to Chible. Raul will leap at the chance to eliminate a brother easily and we can gift him this in exchange for support for our cause now. I will report on the success of the operation in a few weeks.

Gen. Lucas Reid



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