Coalition Report 3

To continue on my previous points, I feel that Harfax was a complete diplomatic failure but there may be opportunities to exploit in the future. Volker Draves was the man most suited for the position of Storm Lord and we had been working on him to remove the aid to Quinslin. However, he was taken by the Castelonian diplomats and walked into an obvious trap laid for him by Raul Draves. Benedict Draves is likely dead, but that is something of a blessing because he was a religious zealot and may be little use to High Command. There is a possibility that he yet lives, and if this is the case he must be eliminated. Azer Draves was never on our agenda and it is unfortunate that he has escaped death at the hands of his brothers. Azer Draves is an accomplished wizard and his lectures were often concerning bizarre magic. Likely Azer would not warm to the Coalition’s position on the place and use of magic. As a result, Azer should be removed by an Coalition operative if given the opportunity. Raul Draves has suddenly become the most powerful brother due to his claim to Volker’s vast force in addition to his own. Raul’s own section of the High Guard was always considered a band of lazy brigands, however it is now clear Raul’s farce extended to his men as well. They are highly trained in assassination and subterfuge. As the only brother currently in Harfax, he has support of the Seneschal of Harfax and the armies of unclaimed armies of Benedict, as well as Protomer (see below). Raul is now our best bet in Harfax, but he has refused any audiences with me. I do not wish to earn his animosity so I will leave without discussing the matter with him. Perhaps he will be more likely to aid us in the future.

Most troubling is the remaining three sons of Castlian Draves. Gregory, Hendrix and Protomer have all vanished. It appears that Gregory and Hendrix were working together to escape and were ambushed by Protomer and his men. A terrible battle erupted that set fire to a section of docks in the Southern Sector. However, when the ruins were searched, none of the three were among the dead. Greggory was a whelp and should have been easily slain by Protomer. Hendrix was better skilled but outnumbered. There should have been some body behind or at least the victor should have laid claim to the other’s army. It is known that the small section of the High Guard owned by Hendrix Draves is on its way to Castelon, apparently freed from service some days before. But Gregory’s nor Protomer’s armies have been claimed and not are under temporary control of the Seneschal, which in turn protect Raul. This is most troubling. If we could find out the condition of any of these three men it would give us a great bargaining chip.

I must reiterate that this failure is solely due to the interference by the Castelonia group General Drogue referred to as the “Hillcrest War Criminals”. At first I felt that Drogue was indulging in his usual whitewashing of his failures, but sadly I now believe he was not embellishing and these individuals are dangerous. The Hillcrest Outlaws are quite a capable group and were aided by one or more of the Sons in their quest to recover the sword Tempest. They beat us to the prize, and left mocking notes for us in blood for us to find. These arrogant monsters are as vile as they are deadly. I believe that they aided the creature known as Sakrt in stealing Tempest and then betrayed it when they time was best. They won favor with the Sons of Castlian Draves and may have been responsible for the death of Benedict Draves and Volker falling into such a trap. Fearing them continuing on their quest, I sent a strike team to eliminate them. Unfortunately, I underestimated them and the team was killed in combat. The Hillcrest War Criminals slew them all, including our cleric Lt. Wrightsman, and burned their bodies to their bones.

These creatures should be destroyed at all cost. As I continue on my mission, I will do everything in my power to kill them. I need reinforcements. I don’t dare engage them in Solaris for fear of insulting the god of the sun. I will contact you when I know the next destination on our journey.


General Lucas Reid



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