Coalition Letter 2

General Drogue,

I am in no need of a reminder to my duty for I am reminded of it every time I look at my sword. Should you have forgotten, I’m the only living commander to have been given both that Coalition Iron Cross of Victory and the Imperial Medal of Valor and the Emperor himself gifted me with an enchanted sword that reads: “Honor. Duty. Loyalty”. I need no reminder. The Warmaster Corrin Scard does give me pause, but I have never been frightened of death. Scard will not openly engage me, choosing to instead massacre my men in droves to send a message to me. His bloodlust knows no limit and I would suspect that as you approach the capitol, he will change his target from me to you. As a man who lacks either medal I mentioned, you should consider training for an encounter with the Warmaster.

We too have faced many hardships on our front. My mages tell me that Mida Elektis of the Council of Eight is among our adversaries and she has been summoning horrors like ones you describe. We are attacked by brutal combatants as we engage highly valued military targets. The elimination of these targets allows you to have such an easy time, yet you delay in arriving at Castelon. If things were so easy, would you not have sacked the city by now?

Fear not, General Drogue, we will meet in Castelon. At the time I would enjoy discussing the terms of any court martial personally.

General Jerico Holtz



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