Castelon Report 1

King Roland Creed and The Council of Eight:

Brothers and Sisters in Arms, I have prepared this report in answer to the many questions I have received as of late. Please refer to the numerous battle reports I have submitted on our engagements with the Eastern and Western Coalition Forces if you have other questions about the main war.

The topic of this report is to discuss the overwhelming success of our team of diplomats from Hillcrest. This unlikely bunch as completed their mission and has returned heroically! They’re contributions have been felt over the past ten months and will now allow for our next phase of attack to take place. The Hillcrest team is directly responsible for the following foreign forces:

50 Elite Swordsmen from the 1st Legion of Harfax.
These troops arrived shortly after the team was dispatched and have shown to be an amazing strike force lead by Volker’s top lieutenant, his wife Galiana Draves. Volker Draves‘s men have proven themselves time and again, it is a shame we were unable to secure more of their numbers. Their actions have won several major skirmishes that eliminated elite units of General Holtz’s force.

23 Harfax Knights of Solaris, over 50 battle clerics of Harfax 5th Legion.
These forces made up most of Hendrix Draves’s force, one he surrendered to Castelon prior to his death. The Knights of Solaris are amazing on the battlefield, arriving the same time as the 1st Legion forces and serve as a moral boost and elite unit. They’re worth their weight in gold.

An unknown number of Knights of Solaris. Estimated to be over 100.
After the Hillcrest Team saved the Old Citadel of Solaris from an undead attack, the Grandmaster Virgil Croak lifted the official ban on Knights aiding Castelon. This action has brought scores of the Knights from across Erenor to our cause. This act is more than martial support…it legitimizes our cause in the eyes of Solaris, somethings that shakes some of the Coalition’s sun clerics to the core.

20 battleships, 200 heavy calvary units, 1000 master-crafted weapons from Belstin
After the Hillcrest Team secured peace for Sator, King Bartholomew of Belstin prepared a fleet to deliver aid to Castelon. At the urging of the Senate, he sent 20 warships with advanced Harfaxian cannons to make an effective navy for Castelon. This piece alone has proven to be an incredibly valuable addition, as our navy was extremely poor in comparision to a Coalition Navy, even one weakened by the loss of Quinslin‘s superior ships. Indeed, the powerful fleet has all but ceased the Coalition’s naval attacks.
Additionally, Belstin sent 200 heavy dragoon units and over 1000 master-crafted weapons. The heavy calvary is being put to use against the Eastern Coalition Force with great effect and the weapons have allowed for our elite units to have quick replacements for lost gear.

Dwarven seige weapons, 3 gold dragons and 1000 Ilamarian Swordsmen
The Archduke of Ilamar met Belstin’s support after the Hillcrest Team aided him. One thousand elite swordsmen have been sent, each bearing magical arms and armor, to wage war for our side. Dwarven cannons and fire ballistas have been sent as well. These weapons have been critical in the defense of many small towns and villages, often surprising Coalition troops. Amazingly, 3 adult gold dragons, skirmishers in the Ilamar militia, also requested to journey to Castelon and make up part of the aid. These three work as a single unit, supporting one another and have destroyed a company of the Western Coalition Force.

One dozen fire-ships, 500 Luixian crossbowmen, 200 Fire Lance warriors and 100 black powder shooters
The nation of Luix has completed our budding Navy with an introduction of fire ships. Together with the above mentioned naval aid, Castelon as stalled any Coalition advance on the sea. It is anticipated that unless Harfax or Quinslin send naval aid to the Coalition, our war on the sea is won and it is directly related to these forces. Luix has also sent a division of crossbowmen with advanced repeating crossbows, several platoons of fire lance warriors and several units of black power pistoliers. These forces serve us as elite combat units, but are also teaching us the ways of their weapons and how to develop them for ourselves.

The entirety of the Burisotu Clan, 25 Western sorcerers
Luix has sent over a score of specialty wizards utilizing magic unheard of in our land. Though most of these wizards are inexperienced compared to our elite magical troops, they are formidable in their own right and they are using magics unknown to the Coalition, something that directly interferes with the combat doctrines. Additionally, the small clan known as Burisotu has come to join the war. Most of these are elite swordsmen known as “_samurai_”and their skill is legendary. They bring their support staff and families with them, but appear to be mostly self sufficient. It appears that Burisotu has damaged their honor in some way and seek redemption by aiding our conflict.

Two score Aegmegil swords, one hundred thousand bushels of grain
The elves of Volmir have supplied us with a substantial amount of rations. I cannot stress how important this is as many of our farms have been burnt to the ground by the Western Coalition Army. I cannot fight a war with starving soldiers and our resources are heavily taxed. This is truly a gift from Solaris and we cannot thank the elves enough. Additionally, the elves have gifted us with dozens of magically enchanted swords known as Aegmegil. These terrible blades can slice through almost any armor with ease and make their shrug off grievous injuries. These weapons have been issued to the body guards of King Creed and the Council of Eight as well as our forward commanders. It is doubtful we will need these weapons to protect our leaders, but they are treasures we must be grateful for.

See additional notes for specific battlefield engagements involving these troops.

Warmaster Corrin Scard




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