Castelon Letter 1

Dear Friends,

By now you have reached Solaris and hopefully are finding this letter in good health. I wish to convey my congratulations to you on your success in Harfax. While the outcome was not exactly what we wished, we are certainly in a better position than our adversaries.

Roughly fifty troops bearing the crest of Volker Draves have arrived in our kingdom eager to fight for our cause. Accompanying them was a letter from the late prince dictating that they were now loyal to us until such a time as they were no longer needed. It was sad to hear of his passing, especially considering the vast skill of these few men. Volker’s men have already been put to use against General Drogue’s force and have had great impact.

Additionally, over thirty Knights of Solaris have joined our cause. These men and women are the former personal bodyguard of Hendrix Draves. Accomplished warriors all, the Knights have swayed the battle in the few engagements they have participated in. The weight of the hope they inspire in our other troops cannot be measured.

The Warlord’s brilliant tactics have allowed us to stop General Drogue’s Eastern Force and slow General Holtz’s Western Army to a crawl. We are holding our own and it should continue with your efforts.


Robert Creed.

Robert dictated that message to me and I have decided to add the following. His report is accurate, however Scard, though brilliant, cannot hold out forever. The Dragon Kings maintain that we should evacuate to their kingdom and will not help in any other capacity at this time. Heroes flood in from Hillcrest, but unless we gather military aid from one or more kingdoms en masse we will lose a war of attrition. Scrad is convinced of our success, I pray he is not misguided. Your next mission must not fail to bring us aid. Otherwise there may not be a Castelon on your return.

Councilwoman Glorissa Trenshire
Security Advisor



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