Assault on Outpost 17 and the Battle of Hillcrest

Over the next several days, people from all over Erenor began arriving in Hillcrest to volunteer to aid the nation of Castelon. The nation of Quinslin was reported to have left the Coalition States! There was much rejoicing over this news! The party left from Hillcrest with a new member and began making their way to the capitol with an important message for the King. While traveling, they saved a lone scholar who had been attacked by Coalition troops. After a night attack from a Coalition construct, the party began to plan how to deal with the enemy.

The group departed the next morning continuing on their way to Castelon. They captured a Coalition scout and learned that there was a hidden Coalition outpost to the northwest. Continuing on their journey, the party came upon a squad of Coalition soldiers slaughtering an elven caravan. They bravely assaulted the large enemy force and managed to save the survivors. The group, now larger, journeyed to the north. Amellania Telothien was almost killed by a Coalition trap located on a bridge, but was able to escape. Together, the group crossed the dangerous stream, escaping the area before more Coalition troops arrived. They met Highway Guards and were escorted to Castelon. There, they delivered their message to King Robert Creed and met with Warlord Corrin Scard. Corrin examined their reports and agreed that Hillcrest was of greater importance than previously thought. He asked the party to escort the platoons he was sending back to Hillcrest and aid them in destroying the Coalition Outpost 17 in the west.

Acting on a message recovered from Feryllad, the group departed Castelon to make their way to Hillcrest. The message was a communication from General Abacus Drogue to Major Drake of Coalition Outpost 17 that he was sending three platoons of troops to aid Drake in the taking of Hillcrest. The heroes sent Kros to warn Hillcrest of attack and led the troops given by Castelon halfway to Hillcrest. The heroes decided that they would leave the troops continuing on the way to Hillcrest while they inspected Outpost 17. Arriving at the fort, the party discovered that the invading force had left for Hillcrest by a southern route and the outpost was manned by a skeleton crew. They quickly mounted a daring assault on the Coalition outpost! During the battle, they freed several prisoners awaiting execution. Among these prisoners was the terrible dragon Ventralix. The party agreed to free Ventralix in exchange for his aid in Hillcrest. The party then assaulted the command building using the supply of cannon powder left in the base. They then battled and defeated Lt. Ballon and his bodyguard. From here, they raced back to Hillcrest to prepare for the battle ahead.

  • * * * * *

The party came upon Hillcrest to find it frantically preparing for battle. Homes were being torn down for lumber for the fortifications and every able bodied person was armed for the fight ahead. After meeting with the Magistrate and the Mayor, the party identified three targets that needed to be taken out if Hillcrest was to survive the battel: the Coalition’s tank battery, the Iron Dragon Tank and the Command squad. The party organized some militia to help them set up booby traps and blockades to halt or stall the cannons and tank. That night the party hid past enemy lines and waited for the battle to begin. The traps destroyed one cannon and slowed down the tank. Attacking from ambush, the party struck the remaining cannon, destroying it and it’s protectors with a clever use of the device’s own black powder supply. Wounded but not shaken, the party rushed to face the damaged war machine. Using cunning and bravery (bordering on fool hearty bravado) the party destroyed the Iron Dragon before it could inflict further damage. The group rushed to meet Major Cornelius Drake and his bodyguard and were able to defeat them. They summoned their dragon ally Ventralix who made short work of the remainder of the command platoon and claimed his prize: Major Drake. The Coalition Army was routed and Hillcrest was saved.



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