The World of Erenor

Welcome to Erenor, a world at the verge of change.

Hello All! Welcome to my campaign page. Our game is a 3.5 D&D game set in a world called Erenor. Most of the story and setting is original ideas, themes and characters. I included a section of a RIFTS campaign into my story because I really wanted to play it but never got the chance. The RIFTS elements have been converted (painstakingly) (mostly the kingdoms of Eur) and blended into a high fantasy D&D setting of my own design.

The world has just recovered from the terrible Dragon Wars and people have experienced peace for generations. Now, the shadow of war covers the continent of Eur with the Coalition States waging cruel war on the kingdom of Castelon. The shadow threatens to engulf the entire world like the Dragon Wars of old!

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